Energy Pellets

We design and supply equipment to pelleting operations to create energy pellets from various feedstocks.

Pellets can be made from almost anything. Pellets used for energy include those made from wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, styrofoam, plastic films, water bottles, etc.

To make pellets, the feedstock material needs to be dried, shredded and milled before being compacted. 

Once pelletized the material is more easily transported, stored and conveyed into different kinds of equipment to be converted into energy.

Common uses for pellets are to replace coal in boiler operations, and to be used in gasification and pyrolysis to make syngas.

Biochar which is a co-product of gasification and pyrolysis can also be pelletized, to make it easier to move and spread on fields to sequester carbon.

Digestate whih is a co-product of anaerobic digestion can also be pelletized to make it easier to move and sptead on fields to sequester carbon.

It is also easy to pelletize grass, hay and other food products for use as animal feed.