Sorting and Processing Waste

Waste comes in a variety of forms from a wide array of sources. 

Sorting and separating it is important for recycling and also for using it as a source of energy.

Our processing plants receive incoming waste via truck or rail and efficiently and effectively separate it for the most beneficial and economic use of its constituents.

Metal and glass are removed and can be sold to recyclers. Aggregates like concrete are removed and pulverized into gravel for resale. Paper, cardstock, and wood are removed to be chipped and/or pelletized (or briquetted) into fuel that can be used in place of coal for boiler operations. Plastics can be removed to be converted into diesel and jet fuel or gasoline.

We are happy to work with others in partnership or joint ventures to secure waste to be used to create energy options. 

It is good for business and good for the planet at the same time.